Great Cars Wanted!


Vintage Motor Cars is always looking for amazing new inventory; so if you’re looking to sell, consider this: The 1928 Marmon shown above sold in just one day, thanks to our highly effective marketing program and extensive list of buyers from around the world. That lovely Marmon, and the dozens of others on our Sold Inventory page, each represent a happy client who got a market-correct price for his car without having to answer a single phone call or e-mail, without having to meet a stranger, and without having to find a notary on a Sunday afternoon. Instead, he simply cashed his check.

If you have a vintage car to sell, make things simple and turn it over to the pros at Vintage Motor Cars. No individual can match our global marketing muscle, and our list of contacts can make selling your car as easy as a single phone call. We offer two simple programs, and we’ll even advance you the cost of shipping your car to our facility, making it a truly no-hassle proposition. We do all the work!

  • Our standard program is a straight 10% commission on the final transaction price. You pay nothing up-front, and we’ll market your car around the world, reaching thousands of buyers each month. We will show your car, answer questions, handle title work and arrange all the transportation. It’s as turnkey as it gets.
  •  A second option is a $250 up-front cost, with nothing more to pay– EVER!  You get the same great, no-hassle marketing program.  We make our profit by marking-up your car a reasonable amount over your agreed value. This is an ideal choice for the seller looking to move his car quickly.

Selling season is NOW, and we need high-quality cars to offer our eager buyers. Call us today and find out how easy it is to get top dollar for your car.

Also, be sure to visit and join our mailing list to ensure that you receive all the latest news and fresh cars before they hit the market.

*Shipping costs are reimbursed at vehicle sale. Please call for details.

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