Affordable Fun from Vintage Motor Cars!

Great Cars for a Great Price! 

Here at Vintage Motor Cars, we represent the finest Classic, special interest, and antique cars from around the world. By connecting our extensive inventory that spans more than a century of automotive progress with a global network of enthusiasts and collectors, we help you find, finance, and drive the car of your dreams at a surprisingly reasonable price!

Our feature car is a 1948 Mercury convertible coupe that offers timeless good looks and a warmed-over 1953 Mercury flathead under the hood. Paint and chrome are very good, and the interior is a lovely place to spend some time. With some fun upgrades, it’s a fast, fun, reliable way to enjoy the hobby, and you’ll never get tired of the wonderful exhaust note.  It’s available for just $34,900.

And remember, we’re always looking for more extraordinary cars — convertibles, hardtops, sedans, even trucks — so please give us a call to discuss our programs for getting your car sold fast, and for top dollar. We now offer two innovative sales programs, neither of which requires any money up-front. We only get paid if your car sells! With the summer season ramping up, now is the ideal time to put your car on the market and capture a new owner, or perhaps trade up for something in our inventory. Give us a call today!

Also be sure to visit and join our mailing list to ensure that you continue to receive all the latest news and cars before they hit the market .

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