Celebrating the cars of Henry Ford

One-hundred sixteen years ago, on June 4, 1896, Henry Ford’s first automobile, the
Quadracycle, roared to life in the little workshop behind his home on 58 Bagley Street. From those humble beginnings came some of the most memorable cars in history, ranging from the Model T, which put the world on wheels, to the 200 MPH Mustangs of today. Vintage Motor Cars celebrates this milestone with a tribute to the cars of Henry Ford, and we have quite a few to offer, including Fords, Mercurys, and Lincolns!

This week’s feature car is a delightful 1936 Ford V8 convertible sedan, and it’s a mystery why this car is still in our showroom. By far my personal favorite, it is reliable, energetic, and flat-out gorgeous with its top down in the sun. It features a 1937 flathead V8, which means modern insert bearings for unparalleled durability and a wonderful V8 exhaust note. Where many of the cars of the period are ponderous and deliberate, this sweet little Ford whispers, “Let’s play!” in your ear every time you turn the key. Plus it’s an outright bargain at just $34,900. Just between you and me, I’m really going to miss this one when it’s gone.

The past few weeks have demonstrated conclusively that the old car market is healthy once again. Take advantage of this new-found confidence and get your car on the market fast by calling Vintage Motor Cars. We’ll get it in front of the right people and we take care of the entire process, from photographs to negotiations to shipping. There’s just no easier way to sell your car for top dollar. Or perhaps you see something in our inventory you’d like to own, so remember that we also take high-quality trades to help you put something new in your garage this summer. Now is the time!

Also be sure to visit www.VintageMotorCarsUSA.com and join our mailing list to ensure that you continue to receive all the latest news and cars before they hit the market.

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