Fresh Collectables from Vintage Motor Cars

ImageAs our hobby evolves, new cars are always landing on collectors’ wish lists. This week Vintage Motor Cars is featuring some recent additions to the growing number of wonderful cars that perhaps you’ve overlooked. There are many reasons for a car to become collectable, but the key is always to buy the finest example with the most options to ensure future appreciation, and all of this week’s cars certainly qualify. Without exception, they are spotless, rust-free cars with impeccable credentials and loaded with options. From 2-seat roadsters to pickup trucks, there’s something here for everyone.

Our feature car is a breathtaking 1959 Ford Thunderbird. Luxurious, fast, and practical thanks to Ford doubling the number of seats, this Raven Black over red leather hardtop is one of the finest of its breed. Spectacularly restored in every way, the paint is unmarked, the chrome is brilliant, and the red leather interior is sumptuous. It includes every power accessory available, including ice cold A/C, power windows, power driver’s seat, and an AM radio. And as with all Thunderbirds, it’s incredibly road-worthy thanks to a 300 horsepower V8 under the forward-tilting hood. High-quality examples like this are trading hands at auction for more than $40,000, but this one is available for only $34,900.

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