Sell With Us

You are not alone if you are a little overwhelmed by the vast array of advertising and marketing venues available to you. Let Vintage Motor Cars be your partner in finding a new home for your beloved collectable car. Our marketing program is smart and unique, giving you, the owner, complete control over the entire process. We are your partner, and we share your goal to maximize profits on the sale of your vintage auto.

Our philosophy is simple: Good cars presented honestly and fairly always find new homes.

The Program:

The major features of the Vintage Motor Cars marketing program are simple:

  • No up-front costs. We only get paid if your car sells.
  • You set the minimum sales price of your car. We will not sell the car below that number without your permission.
  • Your car remains in your care throughout the process; no shipping fees, and you can continue to enjoy it.
  • We market your car, both online and in print advertising.
  • We field the phone calls and e-mail inquiries.
  • We coordinate global shipping.
  • Your car does not leave your possession until you have payment in full.

Our marketing resources are far greater than most collectors’ and we will put your car in front of hundreds of qualified buyers. We have half-a-dozen Internet storefronts, printed advertisements, and 40+ years of networking in the collector car hobby, connecting us to the enthusiasts who regularly buy and sell these classic cars. In short, we are professionals with resources the average seller does not have.

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