Automotive fun comes in all shapes and sizes!

One of the great things about our hobby is that there’s a niche for everyone, and Vintage Motor Cars strives to find interesting, noteworthy vehicles to feature, not simply used old cars. Trucks, sports cars, Full Classics, and just everyday cars that have survived the passage of time and become unique all have a place in our showroom. Please take a look at our inventory and see if you don’t agree, and if you have something special you’re looking to sell, why not give us a call and see about putting it in front of our growing list of eager buyers?
If I have to explain our feature vehicle to you, a 1956 Dodge Power Wagon Swivel Frame, you won’t understand anyway. But if you truly do get it, you’ve probably already started trying to figure out a way to put it in your own garage (remember,we finance!). One of only 49 built and 14 reported to survive, there are few more potent off-road vehicles. This one also has loads of character, a colorful history, and if you don’t think it looks positively badass sitting there on those giant tires, then perhaps you should take up stamp collecting or something. The ultimate off-roader, and if it’s attention you seek, simply nothing will do it better. Yours for only $19,900.Remember, we’re always looking for extraordinary cars – convertibles, hardtops, sedans, even trucks – so please give us a call to discuss our programs for getting your car sold fast, and for top dollar. We now offer two innovative sales programs that make it extremely easy to take advantage of our marketing muscle. With the summer season in full swing, now is the ideal time to put your car on the market to capture a new owner, or perhaps trade up for something in our inventory. Give us a call today!

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