1954 Lincoln Capri

“Thanks to the 317 cubic inch V8’s horsepower, tidy proportions, and exceptional build quality, these cars were also formidable performers in the grueling Carrara-Panamericana road race in Mexico.”

Vintage Motors has recently added a 1954 Lincoln Capri to its listing of antique automobiles. Imagine driving a restored 1954 Lincoln Capri, 4-speed automatic engine, 15-inch steel wheels, chrome trim all around, with a finished regent black, premier yellow exterior and a complimenting original interior.

Looking under the hood of the Capri will show why it was so successful on the dirt roads of Mexico. A technological breakthrough for Ford was the new OHV Y-Block V8 which made a very strong 205 horsepower. In the Capri, it displays 317 cubic inches and is topped by a 4-barrel carburetor and is easily recognized by its crossover exhaust tube at the front of the engine. It starts immediately, idles effortlessly with a strong rumble from the single exhaust and smoothly cruises at 70 MPH and more. The paint and tinwork remains quite nice on this car today. To show the standards during the restoration detailing was done, but it presents signs of use today. It’s noticeable that the car has been properly maintained with the gold valve covers and matching air cleaner give the Lincoln buyer a feeling of upscale luxury. This charming 50’s cruiser with a race car heart is yours for only $32,900.

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