Drive Around in 1938 Hollywood Style!

1938 Packard 1605 Super Eight convertible Sedan

Step back in time while driving a 1938 Packard 1605 Super Eight convertible Sedan. No matter if you are car a fanatic or not, this car lives up to its legendary name that is classic, luxurious and great quality. This beautiful, French blue automobile stands out with its stunning bold and classic look of its time. The convertible top on this mammoth 139-inch wheelbase car is sporting yet a convenient addition to this stylish automobile.

Driving this 1938 Packard is like driving a Hollywood car of its time. Zasu Pitts has been rumored to own and drive this stunning/ showy French blue 1938 Packard around town back in her day. Here is a movie clip of Zasu Pitts in the 1930’s:

Not many to people get to feel as if they are driving a car in a 1930’s silent movie, but this Packard will bring you back to that time. The credentials on this classic car are absolutely impeccable. This Packard was invited to the Amelia Island Concours, where it was able to still hold its head high in the show situation, but out on the highways is where it shines in all of its 30’s Hollywood glamour.

If you enjoy driving around town showing off your vintage car, simply nothing will do it better than this stunning 1938 Packard 1605 Super Eight convertible Sedan. Yours for only $124,900.Remember, we’re always looking for extraordinary cars – convertibles, hardtops, sedans, even trucks – so please give us a call to discuss our programs for getting your car sold fast, and for top dollar. We now offer two innovative sales programs that make it extremely easy to take advantage of our marketing muscle. With the summer season in full swing, now is the ideal time to put your car on the market to capture a new owner, or perhaps trade up for something in our inventory. Give us a call today!

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