An Antique Car that dates back 10 Decades

1909 Cartercar Model H Touring – $39,900

It has been in the same family since the 1950s, and it’s obvious that its authentic looks have always been prized above the need for a flashy restoration.


  • This 1909 Cartercar Model H touring is one of perhaps 4 or 5 still in existence and remains in almost entirely original condition.
  • According to the current owners, the black leather upholstery and long-grain vinyl top were replaced before their father acquired the car in the mid-1950s, yet it all remains in excellent condition.
  • The Cartercar’s claim to fame was the unique friction-drive transmission, perhaps an ancestor of today’s CVT and a stunningly simple solution to a complex problem in the early days of motoring.
  • It has recently been recommissioned by noted brass car expert David Heinrichs of Heinrichs Vintage Car Shop, so it runs and drives remarkably well for a 103-year-old machine.
  • As expected of a brass-era car, there is a lot of brass trim, all nicely preserved with a soft patina.
  • The horn works with a jaunty “honk-honk!” whenever you squeeze the bulb.
  • Dave Heinrichs was commissioned to bring the Cartercar out of its slumber and today the car starts with a single pull of the crank and settles into a sweet 300 RPM idle.
  • This is the easiest-starting brass car we’ve ever seen, a tribute to the rugged hardware, excellent care, and Mr. Heinrichs’s skill.
  • This car also includes an original owner’s manual, a small booklet full of dense text describing the operation of the Cartercar and all its features, including a tantalizing section called “Trouble: How to Locate and Eliminate It.”
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