Cool Weather, Hot Cars!

1911 Locomobile Model M 7-Passenger Touring

Just because winter is almost here, that doesn’t mean you have to stop looking for the next great addition to your collection. We have a truly remarkable machine in our current vintage car listing. This 1911 Locomobile Model M is one of only three built and only two still exist. Part of the early horsepower wars, the Model M features a massive 142-inch wheelbase, a thundering 475 cubic inch engine, and offers impressive performance, even today. Highly original, with just one repaint and a recent major service, it is the ultimate Brass-era touring car. Available for only$279,900, and worth every penny! 

Remember, we’re always looking for extraordinary cars – convertibles, hardtops, sedans, even trucks – so please give us a call to discuss our programs for getting your car sold fast, and for top dollar. We now offer two innovative sales programs that make it extremely easy to take advantage of our marketing muscle. With the driving season winding down, now is an excellent time to put your car on the market to capture a new owner. Give us a call today!

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