Lee and Jason’s – Royal Automobile Veteran Car Run Adventure

Recently, Lee Wolff and his son Jason shipped off Lees 1904 curved-dash Oldsmobile to London, England to participate in the ‘London to Brighton Veteran Car Run’.

The trip in a nutshell: 6 hours 15 minutes. 60 miles. 3 petrol/ oil stops. 2 checkpoints/ coffee stops. And driving in the rain most of the day. The guys could not have had a better time being able to be a part of a great adventure in Lee’s 1904 Oldsmobile while driving along the historic and sometimes wet roads of England. To see pictures of their great adventure visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4392508523595.173740.1014844962&type=1

Here is a fun video of last year’s London to Brighton Veteran Car Run:

For thousands of motoring aficionados the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run is one of the highlights of the year. The route from Hyde Park Corner to Madeira Drive is thronged by many clubs, associations, individuals and families who turn out to celebrate this hardy perennial treat.

In 1896 the first run from the Metropole Hotel in London to the Metropole Hotel in Brighton was a celebration of new-found freedom for motorists, granted by the ‘Locomotives on the Highway Act’, which raised the speed limit of automobiles to 14mph and abolished the requirement for these vehicles to be preceded by a man on foot carrying a flag of warning.

In 1927 the Emancipation Run was re-enacted under the auspices of the popular publication, the Daily Sketch, and from 1930 organisation passed to the Royal Automobile Club, which has retained the event as one of the fundamental elements of its annual programme.

The entry list has grown from the original 33 cars to more than 500 – all of which must have been registered prior to January 1, 1905. Many celebrities and members of the royal family have enjoyed taking part in the event – including Her Majesty The Queen in 1971 – and this year is no exception.

Among those setting out on the road to Brighton we welcome Charlie Boorman as a modern-day adventurer on two wheels and four and Nick Mason, not only an exceptional musician with Pink Floyd but also a former Le Mans Racer. And, of course, a true British motoring icon, Sir Stirling Moss, together with Lady Susie.

The first car in the Veteran Car Run left Hyde Park on Sunday 4 November at sunrise (07:02am) and the 550 drivers took part in the attempt to cross the finish-line in Madeira Drive, Brighton before 4:30pm. As one of the largest free events in the country it was supported by tens of thousands of spectators along the entire length of the route.

Video and article source: http://www.royalautomobileclub.co.uk/Motoring/London-to-Brighton-Veteran-Car-Run

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