About Vintage

Vintage Motor Cars started as one hobbyist helping his friends find new homes for some of their collector cars.  He quickly discovered that there was considerable demand for direct, reasonably priced marketing assistance that would eliminate the headaches many enthusiasts face when trying to sell a collector car.  Today, Vintage Motor Cars has delivered cars all over the world, and succeeds by presenting cars with in-depth photography and exceptional presentation that reveals all of a car’s features and enhances the buying experience.  Vintage Motor Cars maintains a modest inventory of our own vehicles, while showcasing some truly spectacular hardware from high-end collections all over the country.  We pride ourselves on our integrity and will gladly share our knowledge, both positive and otherwise, of any car in our inventory.  There’s no such thing as a perfect car, and smart hobbyists understand this fact.  Vintage Motor Cars will help you become a smart hobbyist, and delivers on our promise of great cars presented honestly and comprehensively.


Phone: 216-496-9492


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