Men behind the cars

Lee N. Wolff-

Founder of Vintage Motor Cars, Lee has been involved with collector cars for nearly five decades and is extremely well known and respected throughout the hobby.  His personal collection spans decades, from the teens to the ’80s, and includes some truly spectacular hardware.  His specialty is Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts, and he has successfully reunited original Ghost engines, bodies, and chassis, frequently after worldwide searcher.  With a comprehensive knowledge of collector cars in general, and an acute sense of what’s hot in the market, he’s an outstanding resource for information on just about any car you’re interested in acquiring or selling.  A member of many different car clubs, including the CCCA and RROC, you can frequently find him on tour or at shows in one of his beautiful early Ghosts or his powerful Bentley Speed Six.

Matt Harwood-

Ever since he was three years old and his father purchased a 1934 Ford sedan at an auction, Matt has been the enthusiast’s enthusiast.  He spent his childhood working on and riding in his father’s collections, which included a 1925 Buick, a 1930 Model A Ford, a pair of 1941 Buicks, as well as that initial ’34 Ford, For almost a decade, Matt was a successful amateur racer in his Ford Mustang, eventually becoming the general manager of a well-known Corvette tuner.  After building competition Corvettes, as well as high-performance street vehicles for clients ranging from professional athletes to high-end collectors, Matt decided to return to his vintage car origins and purchased a 1941 Buick Century sedanette, which is currently receiving a frame-off restoration.  Other cars in his collection include the 1993 Mustang that started his racing career, and a 1929 Cadillac 341B sedan.  Matt is an encyclopedic source of information on all things automotive, but specializes in pre-war Full Classics, Corvettes, and, of course, 1941 Buicks.  He brings to Vintage Motor Cars this knowledge, as well as the ability to write about the cars he loves so much, presenting them with enthusiasm that will get any buy excited.


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